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4 Reasons Why Organic Cotton Clothing Is Better For You And The Planet

Wearing clothing made from organic cotton is better for you! At the same time, it offers benefits for the planet. You will find such items for men, women, and children offered. Many providers strive to deliver a variety of colours, designs, and clothing options so you can find exactly what you love. They also strive to keep the prices reasonable.

Conventional cotton the vast majority of clothing is made from is a prime contributor to harmful effects to our health and the environment. If you weren’t aware of that fact, it can change your decisions on clothing now that you know.

Below are four reasons why organic cotton clothing is a good choice. Such reasons can be a great incentive to change the brands you wear from this point forward. You can still dress for comfort and style, but it feels good to know you are making the planet a better place for all!


When you invest in organic cotton clothing, you will love the softness it provides. At the same time, the material is durable. You can machine wash and dry these items over and over. Yet they don’t fade, fall apart, or lose their shape. You can wear them again and again and they still look like new. Many adults love this because they don’t buy a new wardrobe often. They want items that will last!

Your children will likely outgrow the organic cotton clothing you buy for them before it wears out. Put those items away for future children to wear to reduce what you spend on clothing and get more value from the initial purchases. You can also resell or donate the children’s clothing items when you no longer need them. There is a great market for this, you will recoup some of your money. The other party will get great organic cotton clothing for a fraction of the retail price.

Improved Health For Those That Create The Cotton And Products From It

Studies show the health issues for individuals working with conventional cotton are higher than average. The farmers, their workers, factory workers, and even those working in retail have a higher risk of various health problems due to the exposure to those toxins. Changing to organic cotton can help them continue to work but reduce those health risks.

Fair Trade practices also mean better work conditions and better pay. Many people involved in these industries live in poverty. They barely have enough money to put food on the table. In several underdeveloped countries, the work conditions and the low wages are upsetting. It is hard to believe people work under such conditions day after day. Fair Trade practices ensure this doesn’t continue to happen.

Reduce The Impact On The Environment

The production of conventional clothing has a negative impact on the environment. When you think of the volume of clothing people buy, it adds up to lots of problems. The amount of water wasted with conventional cotton production is shocking! When we change to organic cotton, we save that water. It is a precious resource that can be used for so many other benefits.

It takes about 5,000 gallons of water to create 2 pounds of conventional cotton! Approximately 55 million pounds of pesticides are used on those cotton crops. The residue can linger on the materials and be on clothing we wear. Those toxins are dangerous and most of us would never wear such clothing or put it on our children if we knew this information!

The harmful carcinogens also get into the waterways. This includes lakes, streams, and the ocean. It affects the quality of our drinking water. At the same time, it has adverse effects for the aquatic life that lives in those bodies of water. Plants, trees, and wildlife also suffer because they depend on fresh water to thrive.

No pesticides are used to create organic cotton, and that improves the quality of the environment we all live in. Significantly less water is used to create organic cotton, saving this resource. In areas where water is limited, it can have a huge impact on the quality of life when people have access to more water.

Skin Sensitivities and Allergies

Children as well as adults can struggle with skin sensitivities and allergies. Conventional cotton can make these concerns worse. Switching to clothing made from organic cotton can be a game changer. It can reduce or eliminate these problematic issues. Skin sensitivity can make it hard to concentrate or sleep. The skin is red, irritated, and itchy. A rash can develop, and it is further aggravated when clothing is on top of it.

Few people realise concerns such as chronic headaches or dizziness can often be associated with wearing particular fabrics. These individuals may try numerous medical or over the counter options and nothing helps them. When they change to organic cotton clothing though they discover they start feeling better.

Skin sensitivities and allergies relating to fabric are due to the toxins that develop in the manufacturing process. This includes dyes, various types of chemicals, and even pesticides! All of these items can adversely affect those with sensitive skin or allergies. They can be bothered by the materials and the toxins from those items much more so than the average person. Organic cotton clothing doesn’t have any such toxins in the material or the manufacturing process.