Sustainable Denim Brands to Love

There are plenty of wonderful sustainable denim brands to love out there! When possible, buy them second hand too. Not only will you save money, but it helps to cut down on waste. Since they are made from quality materials, they have plenty of life in them. They are going to last a very long time. If you get them used, you pay a fraction of the retail cost. Yet you have a delightful pair of jeans to wear.

It feels good to wear denim, and you can dress it up or make it casual depending on the top and the accessories you add to the look. It is fun to create new looks for work, going out with friends, or eating dinner out. There are also denim tops, vests, and jackets you may be interested in to complete your wardrobe. Here are some great brands to check out.

Armed Angels

This is a German based company, but they are known all over the world for their jeans. They get their materials from organic cotton farmers in India. They are both Fair Trade and Fair Wear certified. None of their materials or processing involves any type of chemicals or toxins.


This is one of the best providers of sustainable denim. They have delightful products and great prices. They also have fair labour practices in place. All items are made from organic cotton. What sets them apart from others is they share their information. You can read about all they do on their website; they have complete transparency.


The latest technology and the desire to leave only small footprints on the Earth are driving forces behind Madewell jeans. They also have a recycling program as they don’t want any of their jeans to end up in landfills. They will take these items off your hands and recycle them to make new clothing. They also encourage people to re-sell or donate any Madewell jeans that are in good condition so others can wear them.


Trendy and durable jeans are what you will find with the MUD brand. Their jeans fit very well and they are designed to get attention because they flatter the body. Should you have a pair that need attention, they will either repair them for you or recycle the materials. This goes above and beyond what other companies offer.

Nudie Jeans

The bar is set high by Nudie Jeans to offer sustainable denim. While their prices are higher than others in this same category, the durability of the items is hard to match. They offer excellent wages and the best practices for the organic materials they use to create the products. While they are mainly known for offering men’s jeans, they do have a few women love too.


The trendy jeans offered by Outerknown are very popular. They are made from organic and recycled materials. The goal of this company is to promote the recycling and repair of their jeans completely. By 2030, they would like to see none of them in the landfills. They are expensive but when you buy a pair, they are guaranteed for life so you do get a tremendous return on that investment.

Outland Denim

While Outland Denim has a limited number of options for jeans, they are worth looking at. They offer them for both men and women. They are created in Cambodia and have excellent practices in place for production and working conditions. Many of their employees have overcome adversity including sexual exploitation. The goal is to help them have the best life possible.

Warp + Weft

These denim jeans cost about $100 a pair, but they are extremely comfortable. They offer a variety of sizes, including those for larger people. There are items for men, women, and children offered here. You will find plenty of shades of denim along with various styles. It is fun to see what they have you would love to wear.