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10 Ethical Jewellry Brands To Love

There are some amazing jewellry brands out there offering Fair Trade practices. They are verified as being ethical and delivering quality products. You don’t have to worry about their reputation or them trying to get one over on you. Shopping for jewellry should be a fun experience. It helps when you know you can trust the company.

Below are 10 ethical jewellry brands you will fall in love with! Visit their websites to see what they have available. Many of them feature unique items, and it is exciting to have something that no one else owns. It can also be the ideal give for someone special in your life. It is meaningful to them and shares the message that they mean the world to you!


Affordable jewellry with ethical conditions gives consumers reasons to check out Able for new items. This company adds more items all the time, so there is something new every single time you visit They also feature clothing, so why not get an outfit and the accessories to go with it all in one spot?

They offer a lifetime guarantee for any necessary repairs. If they can’t fix it, they will replace it. This means any investment you make in Able jewellery is worth it because you don’t have to worry about it not holding up over time. One of the top sellers is the $20 stackable rings. You can buy as many as you like to stack up and wear at the same time. They have beautiful necklaces for around $100 to $150 each.

Able only ships to the USA and Canada. They are located in Nashville, and strive to hire artists that have overcome hardships. They strive to offer a wage that ensures people aren’t living in poverty. Many of their employees come from generational poverty, and the company is interested in breaking that cycle. The company is empowering and it shows in how they treat their artists. They rely on recycled materials and often get their materials from small-scale vendors.


The unique name of this ethical jewellry brand sets the stage for the unique items they offer. They feature 7th generation artists creating the items. They use a variety of recycled materials in the creations and they have excellent work conditions. They also give a generous amount of money to ethical charities.
The prices are all over the place at AUrate, ensuring you can find something you love no matter how fat your wallet is! The items start at $50 and their highest priced items are diamond necklaces for about $10,000. Most of the jewellry is gold and they are based out of New York City. All of the gold used is recycled. Look around at and see why so many people are thrilled to shop here!

Bario Neal

Everything about Bario Neal is amazing, they even ship with eco-friendly packaging. They are certified with the gold they use. They are based in the USA and engage in legal production practices. What is unique with this ethical jewellery brand is you can contact them to have a ring custom made to your likely.

The prices of items sold here range from $110 to more than $25,000. They strive to be a place anyone can shop. It doesn’t matter what type of jewellery you have in mind or how much you wish to spend on it! This is also a female owned-company, something many women appreciate when they shop for such items. A portion of all sales goes toward charitable organisations relating to the environment or with a social impact on society. Their items go quickly once they are listed so if you see something you love at, grab it before it is gone!

Brilliant Earth

Conflict-free gemstones and recycled precious metals are what you will find when you shop for jewellery at Brilliant Earth. All of their diamonds are traceable and the company donates quite a bit of money annually to various charities that also strive to help the environment. Some people think they can’t afford to shop here. It is true, they have diamond necklaces selling for $100,000! However, they also have beautiful earrings for only $75!

For many people, this is the place to go when you want to get the most value for your investment on jewellery. They don’t cut corners with the beauty or sustainability of the items they sell. It is true, many of the diamonds are recycled, but that doesn’t cause them to lose any of their value. All of these items are audited and certified by an independent party so you can feel confident before you buy. No matter what your taste in jewellery brings, has it!


Small, layering pieces of jewellery are the specialty of Catbird. The company is based in Brooklyn and offers amazing options. They use recycled gold and silver to create the jewellery. They have great prices, starting at only $15. Some of the higher-end items are sold for around $13,500. They ship around the world. Check out the great deals at!

The company is female owned, and they have around 40 employees. They pay well and offer great working conditions. It is fun to explore the unique items they offer and add them to your collection. This is a terrific place to shop for gift items too. They donate 1% of total sales, not profits but overall sales, to the Food Bank of New York City and ACLU.


The versatility of items from Cuyana will leave you wanting more and more to add to your collection. The items can be worn daily, and you will get plenty of complements about them. They are made from recycled metal and natural styles. The company is located in New York and has several artisans that create the pieces.

They are reasonably priced, ranging from $50 to $250 per item. When you get jewellery from Cuyana, it will look like you paid so much more for it. The items are durable, look amazing, and are worth the investment. They only offer one of a kind items, and they don’t mass produce. This means their inventory can be lower than other providers, but what you see is always worth a second look.

It also means you should buy what you love at because if you wait, it will likely be gone when you return. The company offers ethical accessories too including hats, scarves, and bandanas. No matter what you purchase from Cuyana, your accessories will be a hit!


Most of us have heard of Etsy and the dedication people have to one of a kind items. There are many pieces of jewellery found on the website at Many of the sellers offer sustainable materials and/or recycled materials for their creations. The prices depend on the items and specific sellers offering them.

Products can be shipped around the world from Etsy. It is amazing what you will find there, and some of the providers can create what you want if you don’t see it. Buying from Etsy is a great way to support small business owners while also being true to the standards you have for Fair Trade practices with the items you buy.


If you love gold jewellery, Mejuri is going to have many items you love! They are widely known for recycling gold. They make brand new pieces out of it. All of the metals and stones they offer are ethical and they are certified for their processing and labour practices. They have something for every price range too! Some of their items are around $50 and others cost up to $5,000.

Items purchased from Mejuri are shipped all over the world. They offer rings, necklaces, and bracelets. Diamonds are often found in their items but they are also known for offering freshwater pearls. Check out their website at


This jewellery company has certification for their ethical practices. They often upcycle materials, creating new items rather than seeing older items tossed into landfills. They hire artists from all backgrounds and all over the world to bring inspiration and creativity to the items created. They offer classic items as well as a few upscale luxury items.

Many of the SOKO items feature tribal designs. They can be a perfect match for someone that is from that culture. Since the majority of their artists are located in Kenya you will see some themes shining through. The company pays the artists about 5 times what they otherwise would earn while living in Kenya. The prices are very reasonable, starting at around $40. See what gets your attention at

The Little Market

The beauty and detail of items by from The Little Market are hard to match. This ethical jewellery brand is one you will love from the moment you visit The company is widely known for the chokers and bracelets they offer. They are amazing and perfect for just about any occasion. If you aren’t sure what to get someone special for a gift, this could be ideal. It won’t be hard to find one that fits their sense of style. They will think of you every time they wear it!

This is a non-profit jewellery brand, and they engage in Fair Trade practices. The items range from about $25 to around $150. Everything is made in Cambodia and the artists are paid very well for that region. They are also working in favourable work conditions. Since the items are gold-filled, you don’t have to worry about them chipping or showing signs of wear.

All of the profits from The Little Market are invested back into the Cambodian culture. The funds are used to teach people how to make jewellery so they can make a living. They are used to help individuals develop skills or obtain the training they need for other types of jobs too.