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    Nespresso And Greenwashing – How Were They Able To Successfully Do It?

    If you aren’t familiar with greenwashing, it is the process of a company portraying a product through marketing in a way that indicates they are environmentally conscious. In reality, they are doing very little if anything to help the environment. Such marketing can inspire consumers to buy that product over other options. They love the idea of getting the product or service they desire. At the same time, they feel good about helping the environment. It is misleading and the process has many consumers mad about it! They feel the company tried to manipulate them. Such is the case of Nespresso, and they are a top example of how greenwashing…

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    Greenwashing 7 Sins

    Greenwashing: Understanding its Presence in Marketing and how to Identify it Some companies do all they can to get you attracted to their products. They try numerous tactics, and one of them is greenwashing. This is the process of giving the implication the company is doing more for the environment than they really are. They understand many consumers look for eco-friendly products. When the market in such a way, they can get that share of their target audience. The business doesn’t go to its competitors. It is legal, but it isn’t a good practice for them to be involved with. As consumers learn more about greenwashing and the companies involved,…